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 Aderol Michael Anderson

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PostSubject: Aderol Michael Anderson   Aderol Michael Anderson I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 3:22 am

Name:Aderol Michael Anderson




Appearance:Aderol Blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair falling a bit in his eyes shadowing them a bit, a cocky smile or smirk almost always on his face. Sun kissed skin from his years spent surfing and lazing about in the sun, he has a leaning muscled 6’4 frame. A white t-shirt tight against his body and blue jeans complete his outfit.

Wolf form: A tall and lanky blonde wolf with sparkling blue eyes that uses his speed match with his strength to fight and take down others.

Werewolf Form: 7’4 Blonde wolf with lighter almost white fur atop his head, down his back and across his shoulders. Eyes become a darker blue.

Job:Trainer at The Swords Gymnasium

Personality: Aderol is a cocky arrogant wolf with his sight set on leading his family's pack when his father becomes too old to do so anymore. Not really his fault really, given the some what disappointing birth of their first child Lyall, the Anderson's spoiled and doted their golden boy who seemed to be everything that they had been hoping for in a child. Pampered and groomed in what it would take to be an Alpha Aderol is not above ordering his older sister around and have been seen to do it many times in public. While he does have a sense of loyalty and will protect her, in that same notion he would hesitate for a bit to enjoy whatever treatment she was getting before swooping. He would deny any of this to his parents, who in their blind love for him would believe him since they have taught their little boy to be a protective and kind leader.

Power(s): Standard Werewolf powers

Other: Younger Brother to Lyall. Bought the only real nice thing he has ever done for her was gift her a silver blade following her attack for her protection. While he likes to tease and harass his sister even he was beyond livid when he learned of her attack.

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Aderol Michael Anderson
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