This is a Role-Play Forum, based on a world I created. In addition to the World there will be an area for other Role-Plays to commence.
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 Gambling Reaper Vall

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PostSubject: Gambling Reaper Vall   Gambling Reaper Vall I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 2:54 pm

Name: Vall
Gender: Male
Race: Somewhat human who's body has started to become more skeletal over time.
Age: 40
Appearance: He is a 5ft 8" humaniod who wears lots of black clothing made to hide his skeletal appearance and hides his face with a metal skeletal mask.
Job: Currently applying for a job as a day watcher agent for a gate.
Personality: He is quite friendly to those he knows.
Power(s): most skeletal and grim reaper based powers plus the powers granted by his dice and scythe.
Other: Some time has passed and he is considered more of a skeleton than a reaper.
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Gambling Reaper Vall
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