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 Werorg Goldtalon

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Zavyr Darkness
Zavyr Darkness

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PostSubject: Werorg Goldtalon   Werorg Goldtalon I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2011 5:09 pm

Name: Werorg Goldtalon
Gender: Male
Race: Lycan
Age: I'd say about 35
Human form: A ragged looking man who wears a green hooded robe. His black hair is constantly a mess for unexplained reasons. His eyes are of hazel coloring. Without the robe he is left wearing a fine looking silvery tunic(note the tunic isn't made of or with silver) and extravagant matching pants though these clothes are a bit ragged at the sleeves from transformations.


Personality: Shy, tends to keep to himself, friendly to those who gain his trust are likely examples of his personality.

Willed transformation: Though he has control over his actions and when he transform, transforming tends to causing him pain that forces him to his kneel with a hand holding him up. While transformed he has increased senses and a weakness to silver.

Other: He carries a ring with a family insignia that was passed down his family for ages.
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Werorg Goldtalon
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