This is a Role-Play Forum, based on a world I created. In addition to the World there will be an area for other Role-Plays to commence.
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 Skyrie's charcter

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PostSubject: Skyrie's charcter   Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:15 pm

Name: Skyrie Nekato
Gender: Male
Race: Death Elf
Job: Master assassin. He also owns a Gym, mainly to work out, and for the bit of extra money between jobs.
Personality: Skyrie is a vicious fighter, who doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He has no love, for anyone, and does not care if it stays that way or not. Skyrie is brutal to his enemies, and loyal to his comrades. Skyrie will never, ever, back down for a fight, and would fight like a demon to save his life. Oh, wait. He is a demon.
Power(s): Magic, and bladesongs (increases certain skills and attributes)
Other: Skyrie is single, and does not claim any family. Skyrie roams the streets, and does not claim any place as his home. He spends most of his nights sleeping at Rix Hotel.

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Skyrie's charcter
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