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 Taylor's Busy Bees daycare

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PostSubject: Taylor's Busy Bees daycare   Taylor's Busy Bees daycare I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 11, 2011 11:22 pm

Taylor's Busy Bee Daycare

Owner: Taylor
Helper-Shelly (NPC)

Entrance- The sidewalk is covered with colorful hand prints made by past daycare comers and present daycare comers. On both sides of the side walk are Pink roses. The front door is clear with'Welcome to Taylor's Busy Bee Daycare!' written it bold pink letters.

Office- The office is a square room there is a 'time out' chair if a child is having a rough day. The wall is a warm color of golden yellow with bees drawn around the room. There is a chair in next to the the main desk in case a child is having a rough day.

Rooms-Infant room:
The walls of golden yellow with bees drawn on the wall.The infant room's walls are lined with cribs. There is a regular wooden rocking chair next the the window. There is also a play area for the once that don't want to sleep. By the door there is a small fridge and also a sink.

Toddler room:
The walls are golden yellow with bees drawn on the walls.The toddler room has one wall lined with cribs the other once of cots. There are toys that will help them learn to walk. There are other toys that helps them with different skills they need to learn.

Preschool room:
The walls and golden yellow with bees drawn on the walls.The preschool room has a round table in the center of the room with different toys sorted in bins around the area for the children to play with and enhance the skills the need to learn(writing and reading skills etc.)

Playground: The playground has slides and a jungle gym. They have space to run around and get there energy out. The playground as a tall fence surrounding it.
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PostSubject: Re: Taylor's Busy Bees daycare   Taylor's Busy Bees daycare I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 21, 2011 2:09 pm

Smiling up at the sign of the Establishment before him, Rain read "Taylor's Buy Bees Daycare" It was perfect, he had to work if he intended to settle in this place. Working with children had always been something he enjoyed doing throughout his long years of travel and their innocent smiling faces cut through whatever dark lonliness he had felt beforehand. A daycare was the perfect place to work as he began a new life. Walking up to the front doors of the building, Rain pushed open the door and entered. "Hello?" He called softly before stopping at the counter to ring the bell. Before we was able to ring it, he heard soft sniffling.

Walking towards the sound, Rain found a small girl wedged between a large filing cabinet with her knees pulled up to her chest. She looked upset and Rain thought she must be hiding away from others. "Well, hello there." He said softly with a smile as he sat cross legged in front of the cabinet. "Why are you all the way back there? It must be awfully lonely." The girl only sniffed in response before giving him an angry glare. Frowning a bit, Rain thought a moment. "How would you like to see something amazing." He asked her with a big grin. When she gave a small nod, Rain held up a finger. "Wait here, I'll be right back."

Finding the utility closet, Rain tried the door but found it locked. Going behind the front counter, he finds and takes the proper key and unlocks the door. Finding two small light bulbs from a boxed string of Christmas lights, he leaves the room, locking it behind him and replaces the keys. Returning to the girl with the bulbs, Rain sits down in front of her. "Watch closely," he instructs her with a wide grin. Putting the two bulbs into his nostrils, he scrunched up his face, clams his eyes closed, and puffs up his cheeks. Using his magic, Rain sends an electrical current to the bulbs, lighting them up on his face. Seeing this, the girl bursts into laughter and wriggles out of the corner to come sit in his lap.

Giggling, she pokes his puffed up cheeks with a small finger, making him blow out the air, causing her to burst into another fit of giggles. Taking one of the bulbs from his nose, she frowns as it goes out. Screwing it back in, her fits of giggle renew as the small colorful orb begins to glow. Rain couldn't remember the last time he had seen children, he was going to enjoy it here. "You know, you should probably get home. I'm not sure either of us should be here." Lifting the girl to her feet, Ritz stands as well. "Let me do a little paperwork then I'll walk you home." Once Ritz finished the application, he left it in the open before taking the girls hand and walking out. Looking at the girl, he smiles a bit. "Well just go home and I'll make sure you get there safe." Giggling, the girl skips off down the road. Whistling, Rain calls a small bird to him. "I want you to follow her and see her home safe, if you would." When the bird shot off after the girl he smiled, she'd be fine.

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Taylor's Busy Bees daycare
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