This is a Role-Play Forum, based on a world I created. In addition to the World there will be an area for other Role-Plays to commence.
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 Shey West

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Character Sheet

Name: Eferhilda aka Shey

Gender: Female

Race: Werewolf with incubus blood infusion

Age: Unknown though she looks to be about 28

Appearance: In her human form she is 5'11 about 160lbs, a gorgeous and strong body with lightly tanned olive colored skin, gold eyes and chestnut brown hair, worn long and flowing about her face. She is a casual dresser usually can be found in a pair of jeans, cargo pants and sweat pants with varying t-shirts or tank tops.

Thanks to the transfusion with an incubus she has a new form which is a hybrid form between ha succubus and a werewolf. Its human in its basic form, or rather succubus, but covered in a light coat of fur and its tail looked almost feline though on closer inspection it was just the fur on the normal tail. A set of wings, her fangs and claws seemed a bit sharper than what they should be. In this form her eyes are as follows; outer ring is gold, the inner red and the very center the darkest black.

Her other forms are a large full wolf form, something that is obviously larger than what a normal wolf would be and then her hybrid wereform where she stands at a towering 7’2 and weighs in at about 300lbs of pure ripping muscle, her fur matching her hair color.

Job: (unsure yet)

Personality: Rather laid back and prone to just enjoy herself and hanging with those around her. Severally protective of those she cares for or those that she sees as ‘weak’, it brings out her protective and nurturing nature. When betrayed or hurt she will hold a grudge forever and not let go no matter what, on the outside she may seem civil to the person who has crossed her but inside it’s like a predator waiting for the right moment to strike at her prey when they are at their weakest.

Though she does have a temper, she is slow to get there but once there look out for everyone becomes a target.

Does have a fun side, it’s only when all the work is done can she truly relax and unwind, in a sense letting her ‘hair down’.

Power(s): Enhanced strength i.e. can and has been known to lift cars the size of sedans over her head and throw them. Reflexes and speed beyond anything that a human could track or follow with increased super accelerated healing. Shape changing ability to allow her to move between forms or just change a portion of her body to suit different needs.

With the incubus blood infusion she now has the ability to feed off of and enhance another’s lust and desires. She is still learning control of this and so it happens that at times she affects those around her without meaning to. Being bisexual she finds that she has equal amounts of success on both males and females. When she is in Heat precautions need to be taken in order to ensure she does not cause a mass of chaos and hysteria from her scent and her lust powers mixing with that of her Heat.

When pressed and desperate she can rip open a portal realm of spirits to use as a means of teleportation between on space to another. With her added demonic blood the chances of something from the abyssal realm coming into the world is highly probable and as such she tries not to do it too often.
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Shey West
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