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 Tyson Lawerence

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PostSubject: Tyson Lawerence   Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:02 pm

Name: Tyson Lawerence

Age: 29


Race: Lycan

Job:Blue Moon Owner

Appearance: Tyson stands about 6'4'' and is muscular build, with a lean side. He has dirty blonde hair that barley hangs infront of his forehead that he spikes up in the front. He has ember green eyes that turn a molten amber in wolf form. He usually wears nice black pants with a button down shirt that he lets the first 3 unbuttoned.

His wolf form

In wolf form he stands about 6 foot at the shoulder and from tip of his nose to the tip of his tail is about 7ft in length.

Hybrid:The color of his fur is a jet black and he standds about 9ft tall with a much more muscular frame and has his normal color eyes his arms and feet are covers in fur but are a comnination of a wolf and human feature with sharpend nails.(rarely chosses this form)

Personality: He is sweet and vary charming, he is loyal to his close friends and his family. He took over the blue moon when he took out the former Alpha owner which was a child enemy. He likes to make things better for other people and does what he can to help anyone in need.

Power(s):Shape shifts in to a wolf and a hybrid form

That is what tyson looks like, except for the hair, eyes and built of the photos body.

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Tyson Lawerence
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