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 Anya Wilder

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PostSubject: Anya Wilder   Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:07 pm

Name: Anya Wilder also known as Dr.LBW



Race:Werewolf,(part-time )Zombie

Apperence: 5'5'' with dirty blond hair and green blue eyes. She has long thick legs that are made for running. She has a slim toned belly and 'C' cupped breasts and an hour glass shaped waist. Dresses in what ever she wants.

Wolf form:

Stands about 5'2'' at the shoulder and from nose to the tip of the tail is about 6ft in length.

Job:Doctor (NewYork &Hunters Crowl hospital) OBG Doctor(for pregnate patients)

Personality: She is kind, and nice to everyone she first meets. If you are rude or she see's your behavior as unright and unruley she will tell you so and not beat around the edges, she is vary blunt.

She is loyal to her loved ones

Power(s): Shift into a Large wolf. Also has the ability to turn into a hybrid form, plus werewolf abilitys

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Anya Wilder
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