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 The Swords Gymnasium-HC

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The Swords Gymnasium-HC Empty
PostSubject: The Swords Gymnasium-HC   The Swords Gymnasium-HC I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 12, 2011 4:20 pm

Owner of establishment:Skyrie Nekato

Workers:He has many "slaves"
Nith Forgeworker-regular worker

Photo of place:
The Swords Gymnasium-HC Gym-1

The Swords Gymnasium-HC 7-1

This is upstairs above the 1st floor. The place is a two stroy gym
This is the pool in the lower level of the gym, where there are kick boxing rooms and boxing platforms.
The Swords Gymnasium-HC Indoor%20pool%20night_WEB

There are two changing rooms, one for males and one for females. The changing rooms have a few bathroom stalls for privacy if you had to go or simply didn't like changing in front of others. On the opposite side had rows upon rows of lockers which members rented out to keep their weekly clothing. On the far end of the room were several stalls for showering after a hard time of working out. On the way out into the work out area is a shelf full of clean towels which customers can use as many as they wont as they are there.

What is happening: It's a place to work out and get stronger...buld stamina and so on.. meet new people that are trying to keep in shape and so on.

The Swords Gymnasium-HC LBWSignature1_2-1
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The Swords Gymnasium-HC
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