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 Forest of Lybianns-HC

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PostSubject: Forest of Lybianns-HC   Forest of Lybianns-HC I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 12, 2011 4:29 pm

this is a place where creatures that are deeply connected to the earth can come and be reborn.

from the side of the road it simply looks like a thicket of shrub and bushes with some trees planted here and there. But to the fariys who come to this place it is the opening, the gate, to a peace.

the deeper you go into the forest the more space you have between trees but the trees get bigger the deeper you go. It is broken down into four levels

level one is what you would see from the road that only goes about 150 ft or so.

level two. Gets a little clearer but still looks like just an untamed ground. There are more trees but it is nothing spectacular. It is the biggest part of the forest stretching about 10 miles wide.

level three is clear and open. The trees are still nothing spectacular but it is much clearer. You can see on for miles. This is where most of the wild life lives. The deer ans wolves ect.

level four is the same as level three with the exception beginning that the trees are huge wide and tall. And there ground is a blanket of clovers and moss. Which is really comfy on your feet.

the last part or better known as the "heart" is just a massive live oak that is in the center of a small field. It is at least 500 ft tall and would take 20 men to make a circle around it's base finger tip to finger tip. It is the place where creatures of myth can go and be at peace.

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Forest of Lybianns-HC
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