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 Rhiannon's Bakery-HC

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PostSubject: Rhiannon's Bakery-HC   Rhiannon's Bakery-HC I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 12, 2011 4:31 pm

Rhiannon's Bakery-HC Bakery_710_1_390x290

The shop hold all sorts of goods from cake to tarts and strudels. Cinnamon buns and brownies. Any baked good you can think of.
Once you walk in you see a few chairs and couches of a tan and brown color to match the walls. The scent off coffee drifts out the door in the mornings. A counter straight to the back holds a cash register and a glass case to show off the goods. The floor is a ceramic tile and. The kitchen in the back is big enough to work in but not too big, it can fit about six people comfortably. Lighting is bright enough for the eyes to adjust but just a smidge lighter than outside soft gentle music plays to put the mind at ease.

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Rhiannon's Bakery-HC
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