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 Manhatten Stadium-M

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PostSubject: Manhatten Stadium-M   Manhatten Stadium-M I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 12, 2011 4:40 pm

Lower Manhattan City Stadium
The stadium sits on the south side of lower Manhattan. It is an architectural marvel that seats up to 50,000 screaming fans. The stadium is very new, having only been built ten years ago. Giant multi-color floodlights light up the sides of the stadium on the nights of home games. The outside ground-level ring houses hundreds of concession and memorabilia stands .Inside the upper corner is a panel of press boxes where the wealthy come to enjoy the games. Each box is furnished with leather and includes a small tended bar.


The Team:
The Lower Manhattan City Stadium is home to the Manhattan Vipers. This is a minor league Professional team that is made up of former D-1 collegiate players and many Ex-NFL players as well. The Vipers are typically regarded as one of the best teams in their league. However, the past eight seasons have only brought a combined twelve victories. Now the owner reaches out to players across the country for his struggling franchise.

(viper’s uniforms, only black and silver replace the yellow)

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Manhatten Stadium-M
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