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 Talon Richards

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PostSubject: Talon Richards   Talon Richards I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2011 7:14 pm

Name:Talon Richards



Marital Status:Single

Sexual Orientation:Bi-Sexual

Nationality:Caucasian (American Mutt)

Known Relatives:Teagan Richards

Job: None as of right now

-Physical Appearance-




Eyes:Caramel Forrest Green

Markings:Talon's tat(on right side). A scar from a bullet on his right bicep and left thigh. Three long scars (running from behind his left shoulder down to his left hip)from deep gashes. Scars line his forearms from when Teagan attack him on her first change.

Species Appearance:A large brown wolf with molten amber eyes, the mane around his neck rather bushy along with his tail. He is larger than most male wolves.



Languages:Italian, and English

Talents/Abilities:Good with any weapon, and is a cold hearted killer

Weapons/Fighting Training:Talon's Weapon's He uses these which are 8in longer and can connect together at the ends to create a double sided sword, which he keeps in shoulder holsters that rest on his back.(mostly used separate) He also carries a .45 glock along with a belt of throwing knifes. He's good with about any type of weapon.

(KEEPS THE GLOCK ON HIM... The swords are for rare occasions.)


Assets: A cabin house in the Cascade Mountains with a Ford F350 truck out there. And a Jeep Cherokee

Weakness: Anything dealing with his twin sister.

Powers: He can shape shift into a wolf and has all the increased strength, smell etc)

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Talon Richards
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