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 Sphinx Essence

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PostSubject: Sphinx Essence   Sphinx Essence I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 8:32 pm

Name: Sphinx Essence
Gender: Female

Race: Succubi infused with Wolven Blood.
Age: Appears around 19 or 21

Humanoid Appearance: She violet eyes that seem to almost glow, as it is lined with silver and streaked with silver.Sphinx's got a sexy little build wonderfully curved hips and medium sized breast , she has long slender legs that show off a small bit of muscle. She stands at '5'3, and weighs about 110lbs. As her appearance in the picture she is without horns and and her ears are pointed but short.
Wolf Appearance:She has a thick black coat of fur with a long bushy tail. Her right ear is missing the tip in the shape of a small nip mark, though she has no clue as to of how that came to be.Oddly enough she has small streaks of cloud leopard fur patterns going up her right front leg and across her bushy mane, and dotted in various places. As like in her human form her eyes are the same glowing violet, lined and streaked with silver.

Job: Wants to be a Dancer.

Personality: The succbi has a sort of “foxy” persona and whatever words pour out of her mouth, there’s always a flirtatious or seductive nature to them. She can be quite the tease and has an addiction to being admired and receiving attention because of her nature to attract. Sphinx isn’t bashful but at a first impression to anyone she’s sincere and a “baby girl,” but on the contrary, she’s quite the opposite on a bad day. Sphinx is always very fierce and passionate about what she wants and won’t let anyone or anything get in her way when she wants something, showing she is a very focused and clever woman.

On a romantic level she can be your one and only or your heart breaker, she's got that "Love 'em and Leave 'em " mantra about her.It’s come to the conclusion that Sphinx may have absolutely no shame with how many hearts she’s broken from charming every soul she comes across but she never really asked for them in the first place.So mindlessly giving her your heart to break is a foolish thing to do unless she feels the same way about you. She’s addicted to the chase and isn’t used to not getting her way since everything when it comes to enchanting someone, playing the love game, and winning hearts comes so easy to her but once she’s won, she’ll move on realizing you were nothing but a imbicole after her physically rather than mentally..
Sphinx doesn't deal with bull very well. She's young, influencial, and likes to keep things real. Never will Sphinx shroud herself in any false-pretence; she is who she is, and does not put up with anyone who can't deal with it. Sphinx's distaste for drama keeps her far out of the sinful game of lying, but instead pits her into another vice-pit: she's distinctly honest to the point of brutality, and spares no one when she's feeling particularly self-righteous,though there are some who are spared.

Sphinx is also considerably reckless, not taking much heed in regards to any one's feelings, though there are some cases were she will consider ones feelings but that is rare, as discussed before. She can be indeed quite selfish in this regard, always doing what she wants and doing things her way without taking in any other consideration.
She's aggressive, much more apt to start a fist fight than be diplomatic or argumentative about an issue,depending on how pissed off you get her.She's brash, quick to share her opinion, with the sining traits of wrath and pride. Her dedication and astonishing sense of motivation in life may seem to paint the most heavenly portrait of Sphinx, but like any succubi, she is undeniably dangerous. Her sense of humor is limitless and the girl hasn't a shy bone in her body. And, despite her foul temper and other none-too favorable traits, Sphinx has the capability of being a trusting friend, until she feels screwed over, then all hell could potentially break loose.

Powers: Spinx is capable of draw out the diesire in men by her alluring aura and captivating scent. Sphinx cannot control how strong her aura or scent gets it mostly depends on her emotions. Her sweet lavander scent is highly effective on creatures that depend highly on their sense of smell. Her touch can send a wave of pleasure through ones body causeing a whirl wind of mixed emotions.

Sphinx's voice has the effect of hypnotism, seemingly making it hard to resist her, she can easily have you at her mercy.
Also given the ability to transform into that of a wolf thanks to the blood infusion,given that she is attracted to werewolves naturally.
Lightining is this woman's natural element, she is immune to it even being used against her, it's what she feeds upon.

Other: Nickname: Spice
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Sphinx Essence
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