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 Aurora ‘Blood Rose’ Orealis

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PostSubject: Aurora ‘Blood Rose’ Orealis   Aurora ‘Blood Rose’ Orealis I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 11:05 pm

Name: Aurora ‘Blood Rose’ Orealis
Age: 725 looks 25
Appearance:Aurora ‘Blood Rose’ Orealis Amy_lee
Job:Co-Owner of the Blood Bank with Rosalie (Cleared with Rosalie_Hale)
Place of Birth: Dublin Ireland
Race: Pure Blood Vampire
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8’
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Steel Blue, changes to Blood red and Black when angry
Hair Color: Black
Personality: Aggressive, dominate, thought can be rather sweet and innocent when she wants to be.
Jewelry: Double piercings in each ear, tongue ring and one piercing in a special location


Aurora was born in Dublin Ireland to Melana and Diemtri Orealis one of the riches and most well known families in the country. Being pure bloods they had powers most basic vampires didn't even know existed and as Aurora grew up she inherited both of her parents talents and their powers which they helped her to develop. After a few years they decided to leave Ireland and go explore the states wanting to allow their daughter to understand the other cultures and people so she could blend in like they had been doing for centuries.

Aurora is a natural when it comes to manipulating and confusing people and both her parents know she can become a very dangerous and formidable threat to any who cross her. Even at times causing them to worry and step back. She will kill without a second thought or care and has been known to destroy whole families in one night leaving no evidence or witnesses. Cunning, sly, tricky and manipulative are all strong points for this woman, making her nearly impossible to track or stop at times though it is rare when she can be.

~Special Powers known only to her Bloodline~

Aurora has 'The Sight'- L' Ml'aen which allows her to have those blue on blue eyes and anyone she wishes can see into their future. Knowing before it happens what will become of that person and in rare cases may chose to help them achieve it or to try and stop it from coming to terms. Looking back as things change to see if their path is changing as well. She can also determine who the true allies are and use that to her advantage when she uncovers a spy.(This is only done to those weaker than her if human, or younger in age than her if a vampire. Lycan's and other races it varies usually those weaker than her or young. Elders vampires its too hard and strains her too much.) Aurora as has L' Ssivah - 'The Voice' but doesn't know fully about this power. She is aware quite well of what it does but hasn't realized she can use it and be nearly as powerful as her cousin with it when trained. The voice allows control over a person with merely selecting the tone shading of words with the voice. Certain words can break bones, rupture blood vessels and even kill when used correctly.(Like her other power it is better on weaker or younger vampires, humans, lycans nearly any race. Since she is still working with it hasn't had the chance to test on those older or even elders of her kind.)

~~Vampire Attributes~~

* Walks in the daylight
* Inhuman strength & speed
* Improves senses
* Heightened Endurance & Resistance
* The ability to hear thoughts (Only those younger in age to her elders she can't read)
* Able to flash from one place to another
* Manipulate others minds and thoughts (Only those younger than herself again no elders just cancels itself out with someone equal or older sometimes.)
* Heals instantly
* Can sense another of their kind miles away
* Immuned to a masters powers
* Can control others with a look(Like her other powers and attributes it is on the weaker and younger)
* Mesmerizer with her eyes(Same as above, however with a master or someone equal to her it seems to just cancel out on each other.
* Her eyes stay blue unless provoked

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PostSubject: Re: Aurora ‘Blood Rose’ Orealis   Aurora ‘Blood Rose’ Orealis I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 11:18 pm

Hmm better. Just dont go hurting the other characters on purpose.


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Aurora ‘Blood Rose’ Orealis
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