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 Mystic Grymm

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PostSubject: Mystic Grymm   Mystic Grymm I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 18, 2011 12:30 am

Name:Mystic Grymm
Race:Half Din Jin and Half Incubus
Age: 21
Appearance: Mystic has a absolutely beautiful body,he has a muscular build, Slender chiseled body type, with pecks, slender six-pack abs, and rounded biceps. He stands at a height of 6'1" and weighs about 130lbs. Jet Black hair and Golden Amber eyes,there is no peircing on his throat.
Personality:Mystic Grymm is one of those guys who knows he’s good looking. He’s rather confident in himself and can come off a tad arrogant from how he seems to act like the heaven and all its angels wrapped up into one bundle. However,Mystic has never been a people person; his personality is like an ice cold freezer, forgiving to certain things, hostile to everything else. Ever since he was a little boy, he never cared at all if other children wanted to play with him or talk to him; he was perfectly fine playing in the sand box all by his lonesome while his mother watched from the sidelines, worried that something was wrong with her son. When he turned five years old, even though he was quite young, his worrisome mother, an annoying piece of baggage to Mystic, sent him to counseling, an action that would set grave consequences for his self and for his mother.

Day after day he was prodded an picked at, the doctor trying to find what exactly was wrong with Mystic. He just stared at the man, not ever saying a word with a blank expression in his eyes. He was always good at shutting the world out; if he didn't want to hear something or see it or think it, he just used his mind. It was the most powerful thing to him at that point in his life. The psychologist ended up giving up, telling his mother that Mystic was a sociopath, a boy with many problems. He shut the world out and looked at it from a perspective from a wrong angle. But now as an adult, he's always been quite confident in his ability to hurt all without feeling any himself. A glance chills, a step intimidates and a punch freezes time. He's even loosened up a bit for his roomate Sphinx,though he thinks he loosed alittle too much.
He’s become a bit of a party boy who knows how to have a good time and be the center of attention. He can be a lot of obnoxious fun but is quite the enchanting creature. He knows how to flatter a girl and win her over, just like Sphinx can a boy but not as intense. Mystic is, to put it bluntly, a thrill seeker. You could also call him an adrenaline junkie. For his time being with the Succubi , he’s pursued that which will give him the biggest rush. He's not utterly stupid about it, being aware of safety measures and so forth, but those doses of danger are what get his blood going and really make him feel alive.He does have a small knack for torturing others if you give him good enough reason to,sometimes it's just for his own pleasure.He has a twisted sense of humor and likes to make snide and nasty little remarks. Just don't piss him off an all will be well.

Powers:He has surprising durability and power over gravity.He can cause mental pain as well as physical pain without as much touching the being he has targeted.
He can manipulate the mind and put you into a hypnotic state and bring large amounts of pleasure from one touch, it causes some to loose themselves depending on the frequency.[high ,low ,and medium frequencies.]
He can grant wishes but none for himself, though if he so grants a wish it never is all it seems,and he has a limit to how many he can grant or what kind.
Mystic has the power to manupulate silver though it is costly and will drain him of all energy.

Other: He's a smoker, and carries around a somewhat large Mythril Sword,in which is customly made, the hilt made black with gold trimming and the sword it'self is pure sliver.
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Mystic Grymm
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