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 The Gates of Hunters Crowl

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The Gates of Hunters Crowl Empty
PostSubject: The Gates of Hunters Crowl   The Gates of Hunters Crowl I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 11, 2011 11:56 pm

The Gate to Hunter Crowl


A old, vine covered door in the ruins of an old 18th century manor. The manor is huge, four (Collapsed) stories, windows are everywhere, columns and fallen masonry all around. In the dead center of the manor is the entrance to Hunter Crowl, appearing as a doorway to nowhere, but if you look at it in a flash, in the closing moments of a blink or the corner of your eye as you turn, Hunter Crowl is revealed. But this is just to mortals. Once though the old, collapsed and ruined mansion, and through the first gate, Creatures can then descend down a flight of steps, heavily worn by many passing through it, to the True gate. It is at the end of a square hall, in the four corners of which are four large braziers, giving of a light blue flames that lights the entire room, but leaves shadows in the corners, and is a vaulted chamber stretching 20 feet up. In the roof and walls are niches, in which are full size statues of Angels, and addition of Morwennas. (Before it was a plain wall) The Angels all stare solemnly at the ground, but are in unique positions, some with wings spread, others with weapons. And no matter where you go in the room, you would swear the eyes followed you...

The True Gate is a massive, 10 foot high double gate, made of Stone, carved with a massive, awe-inspiring pattern that incorporated the lock. If the pattern is set, then the gate is nearly unbreakable. If certain parts in the pattern are touched in the correct order, the door will swing open effortlessly, and allow access into Hunter Crowl. Once on the other side, the arrival must give the Watcher on duty the entry word. (day and night watchers will give me the passwords and ill place them here)

Other Stuffs -
The Night Watchers agents look like (Need Night Watcher)

Day Watcher Agents: (Need Day watcher)
The day watcher agents are-


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The Gates of Hunters Crowl
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