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 Merceli Uda

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PostSubject: Merceli Uda   Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:17 pm

Name: Merceli Uda

Gender: Male

Race: Were-Cat

Age: 19



Cat: Merceli weigh about 15-25 lbs and is about 15 in. tall.

Job: None... yet. I guess you could say he's on a job hunt.

Personality: Tsundere, more Tsun than Dere (The word is derived from the terms Tsun Tsun, meaning to turn away in disgust, and Dere Dere meaning to become 'lovey dovey'). He is cold, and it takes time for him to warm up to others. Deep down, once you get to know him, he is sweet and protective. Though if you are a stranger to him, he won't speak to you much and ignore you; not completely, but he will ignore. He acts like a cat a lot as well... go figure lul.

Power(s): He can turn into a brown Maine Coon cat. He has the atributes(sp?) of a cat.

Other: Right now he isn't really 'looking' for an owner, but more of a place to call home; but he wouldn't mind having one. His nickname is Merci. Hates thunder, lightning, rain, or any water in general. He likes to travel up into the world of the humans in his cat form. Though if he was in his human form, people mind think of him as a cosplayer since his cat ears show. He is bi-curious.

I guess that's all ;u;
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PostSubject: Re: Merceli Uda   Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:37 pm

I like it Very Happy ~*ACCEPTED*~

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Merceli Uda
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